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Meet J,

Welcome to your favourite luxe place!

I've created Aphase to help everyone feel/be like a boss and empowered when wearing a designer bag. No one needs to spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag when you can just hire it. (Unless you want to spend thousands...)

Aphase was created as I was staring at all my fav pieces and thought to myself.. this is just A-phase that we go through. You get one designer bag and then want another and another.... Therefore, rather than you spending thousands of dollars, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to borrow designer bags for less.
When you're no longer in love with the look you move onto another style, because it's just A-phase isn't it? Also, this is so much better for our environment and our fashion industry is moving towards an ethical approach, which we support. Borrow. Return. Repeat.
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Women standing infront of ocean with designer bag
Love from,
Aphase Team